Distorted Reality: Developing Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Expose Biased News Coverage

Norman Meuschke, Bela Gipp, Felix Hamborg and Karsten Donnay News should provide an accurate and impartial overview of current events to enable news consumers to derive well-informed views that shape their engagement with societally relevant topics. There is abundant evidence though that this goal is virtually always missed, at least in part. One of the … Read more

What would Martin Luther King do? Act with humanity for refugees.

Erin C. McGrath, Karsten Donnay, and Kelsey P. Norman Governments must support citizen-led efforts to provide a welcoming face to refugees. Without this policy, the West risks letting xenophobia and racism escalate into fascism. In 2015, the world has witnessed a crisis of displaced persons larger than anytime since World War II. The refugee crisis that has now left over 60 million people displaced by conflict … Read more